When is it better to use a power tool?

Posted by bolt_admin

Posted on April 26, 2018

Whether you’re just putting a screw up on the wall, hanging a photo,planning to install a wallmounted TV or doing that DIY project you’ve been putting off for months, the best way for maximum convenience is to use a power tool. Using a power tool saves times and effort, and most importantly, it provides a cleaner look and a tighter fit.

is the most commpnly used power tool is the power drill. There are many other kinds of power tools, such as: angle grinder, electric saw, circular saw, tile saw, chainsaw, finishing sander, plane joiners, core drills, electric hammer drills and many more. All of these power tools come in handy, but most of them require an electricity connection and are operated with direct cable connection to a source of electricity. Some of these power tools have also been developed cordless, and are conveinently powered by batteries.

However, when using power tools, a lot of noise is generated. Mainly because it’s electricity operated and it comes into contact with the external material like wood, metal, concrete, plastic or other materials. As most of the power tools are used to cut, make a hole or physically modify other things, it requires exerting strict mechanical force, and this forceful contact results in friction which results in a lot of noise.

This type of noise can at times be harmful to the surrounding environment, especially in residential areas. To protect the residents from noise pollution, the Australian Government has imposed strict timings for the use of power tools. These times must be followed by everyone. According to the neighborhood noise laws, any noise made should not be hearable at adjacent neighbours residence and their habitable rooms. The restricted time for power tools is fairly easy to remember: 8PM to 8AM weekends and public holidays, and 8PM to 7AM for all weekdays. Failure to comply will lead to a warning and if the noise still continues after the warning, it is considered as an offence.

It is best to always use power tools outside of these hours during the day time, between 8AM and 8PM. During these time most people are awake, so yourchances of disturbing people with noise is much lower.