Bolt In stocks an extensive building supplies range including mechanical tie downs, chemical tie downs, fasteners, tools and safety gear, adhesives, silicone and more.

Our mechanical tie down’s include Cyclone Rods, Starter Bars, Purlin Bolts, Structural Assemblies, Sleeve Anchors (Trubolts, Drop in anchors, Toggles and Anchor screws), Power Actuated Tools and Consumables, Brackets (timber connectors, joist hangers, pergola brackets), Bracings (angle brackets, U bolts, post supports, hinges, cyclone strap, stud ties, wall plugs)

Our chemical tie down’s includes Chemset, Hammer capsule, Epoxy patch and Epoxy grout.

If it is fasteners you are after, we can supply you with:

Screws (wood, chipboard, drywall, machine, decking, self-drilling, metal, wood and concrete screws).

Stainless steel Fasteners (hex bolts, nuts, set screws, socket head, cup head, button head, coach screws, washers nuts, spring washers).

Nails (bullet, flat head, clouts, concrete, cut tacks, fiber roofing, timber deck, staples, gun nails and brads).

TOOLS AND SAFETY – we have got you covered with:

Drills (Viper, Jobber, masonry, reduced shank, Long Series, Multifit, Electroplated, diamond tip, glass and tile, spade and auger bits).

Saw Blades (hole saws, mandrels, circular saw blades, jigsaw blades, hack saw blades and electroplate diamond tipped).

Safety Gear (gloves, safety hats, knee pads, visors and ear muffs, safety goggles and spectacles and hi-vis shirts and vests).

Our adhesives and silicone include Sika flex, Sika pro, gap sealant, plumber’s sealant, PVA wood glue, Duralac, Bond fast, Flooring Adhesives and Sealants.

Bolt In also offer workshop facilities for manufacture or fabrication of custom threading in mild steel, high tensile and stainless steel, bending, welding, zinc plating and hot dip galvanizing, docking service for starter bars, wind bracing and rod cutting and threading.

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