As Gold Coast’s trusted Engineer supplier, Bolt In can provide you with an extensive range of engineering products. We stock fasteners, abrasives, drills, cutters, chemicals and adhesives, cleaners, safety products and storage solutions.

Our fastener range has mild steel and high tensile fasteners including bolts, nuts and washers.

Bolts (set screws, cup head, coach screws, U bolts, eyebolts, socket heads, double ended studs and hook bolts)

Screws (hex, clone lock, left hand, thin, flanged, nutserts, castellated and nyloc)

Washers (spring, round, square, high tensile, engineers, mud guard and nordlock)

We also stock Rivets (domed, countersunk, peel and solid), Roll pins, split pins, threaded rod (metric, imperial and acme), pressure plugs.

(Finished in galvanized, zinc plated, bright or cad plated)

If you’re after abrasives we can supply you with carbide burs, cut off wheels, flat disks, wire wheels, diamond abrasives and wire brushes.

For drills and cutting we stock

Drills (Viper, Jobber, masonry, reduced shank, Long Series, Multifit, electroplated diamond tipped, glass and tile, spade and auger bits, morse taper countersinkers)

Saw Blades (hole saw, mandrels, circular saw blades, hack saw blades electroplated diamond tipped)

Taps and Dies (Imperial /metric and pipe threads, Left and right hand, thread repair kits)

If you require chemical and adhesives, we can stock you with

Cyber bond Instant bonding (single component cyncrylate thread locking compounds), pipe and gas Sealants, retaining compounds, aluminium and steel repair compounds, epoxy glues, cold gal paint (heavy duty or silver grade), bolt off, antiseize, rust converter and primer, inox, taping fluids, spray grease, silicones, lanolin products, engineers chalk and welding rods.

Bolt In have a great range of cleaners including industrial hand cleaner (Citrogel for removal of grease, ink, paint and grime). Cirtogel contains no petroleum solvents and it is non-drying and kills germs on contact. We also stock metal polish, heavy duty degreasers and cleaners.

From us you can get safety products and safety gear including gloves, safety hats, earmuffs, knee pads, visors, war muffs, safety goggles and spectacles, hi vis shirts and vests.

For your work engineering storage solutions, Bolt stocks compartment boxes, Stor-paks and louvre panels, drawer organizer and more.

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