How Proper Tool Safety Can Save Your Life!

Posted by bolt_admin

Posted on July 5, 2018

In any situation, while doing any kind of activity, be it exercising, running, parasailing, snowboarding, or simply walking, we need to keep ourselves safe.

It is necessary to ensure safety when using any kind of tools. Often we forget to keep them back safely or even operate them without having adequate knowledge about them.

Safety precautions and measures must include:

  • Helmets and hardhats – Wearing a helmet/hardhat is a must for any kind of work, whether it’s indoors, outdoors, domestic or industrial. If a piece of debrisor a piece of metal falls directly on your head, you risk injuring yourself badly, if not death. A strong helmet must be worn at all times when you’re within the site or in the workshop.
  • Gloves – One of the most basic safety equipment, gloves, come in many types: leather made, chemical resistant, heat resistant, kevlar reinforced, electricity insulated, rubber or latex made. These protective gloves can potentially save your hands and fingers from cuts, burns, and pressures.
  • Hearing Protection – When Power Tools are used, it creates a lot of noise. Long time exposure to this kind of unusually high levels of sound can cause ear damage and hearing loss. It is highly recommended to use ear plugs or full on industrial headphones when using power tools, such as: Chainsaw, Drill, hedge trimmer and other similar equipment.
  • Boots – Steel toed boots work wonders when accidentally something heavy falls on your feet. These boots can save you from compression and punctures too. Though mostly steel toed boots are used in industrial sites, having a pair for yourself for your DIY projects doesn’t do any harm. It’s a good addition for your long term safety.
  • Goggles – When you’re using chainsaw, hedge trimmer, or similar cutting equipment then there will be a lot of fine particles which will be flying in high speeds all around. If one of these particles hit your eye, then it can cause potential damage, that’s why it’s necessary to use safety goggles for protecting your eyes from flying shrapnels.
  • Equipments for safety – Alongside all these personal safety equipments, there are basic safety equipments and passages which should be available at the reach of hands. Like Fire Extinguisher, Smoke detectors, Functional Fire Exits, AEDs for CPR, First Aid Kit and others.

All of the above mentioned points are literally life saving, as emergency situations and unsafe circumstances can happen any moment, it’s better to follow safety measures beforehand.