Top 4 Power Tools and Why You Need Them

Posted by bolt_admin

Posted on June 5, 2018

Power tools can be used for industrial level construction, a personal project or for an exciting addition in your home; power tools are a must for carrying out different tasks, such as:drilling, cutting, polishing, sanding, mowing, trimming, etc. Here is a list of the top 4 power tools, in terms of their popularity and utility.

1. Power Drill: This is the mother of all power tools. The drill is found in almost any household. It is helpful for small to large scale projects. This is one of the most versatile power tools. It is useful in woodwork, framework, metalwork, for picture frames, in homes, putting up shelving, putting in screws and more. This is mostly a driving tool, attached with a drill bit to drive holes and fasteners and drills. This comes in both cordless and corded forms.

2. Hammer Drill: Hammer drills are an upgraded version of the power drill, the additional utility is the ability to hammer the drill, like an automated hammer. This tool uses sheer force like a demolition hammer, but in a much smaller scale. For faster drilling work with accuracy and more power, there is no alternative for a hammer drill.

3. Rotary Tool: Another amazing invention, this tool is capable of doing wonders. Suitable for smaller work and projects, this is a multi-tool allowing many sized and types of tips to be attached in it’s front for using. There are almost more than a hundred different kinds of attachments which can be fitted at the tip of this. This is a small yet powerful tool that is easy to carry and store. It has a wide range of versatile uses, like: buffing, carving, sanding, polishing, shining, etching and so on.

4. Chainsaw: Everyone is familiar with the chainsaw. This is a very useful power tool which consists of a rotating chain with many teeth attached. This whole setup is connected to an engine. This rotating chain with teeth is the high performance, whirring mechanical saw blade. Normally, we use hand saws to saw through objects, but for objects that take a long time or are too thick for human hands to handle, chainsaw is the answer. This is the ultimate cutting tool mostly used for cutting trees and timber, but in some cases, specialised chainsaws can cut through brick, natural stone and concrete. Needless to say, very high levels of precaution and safe handling arerequired for operating this tool.